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Mingwei's QTZ63 tower crane exporting to Pakistan

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Mingwei's QTZ63 tower crane exporting to Pakistan

On May, 07th, 2018, 1 set QTZ63(TC5013) tower crane is packing to deliver to Pakistan.

QTZ63(TC5013) tower crane, a type of self erecting tower crane, it is designed with “Tower Crane Computer designing Platform” as the tool. In the process of designing, group technology, combination design technology and finite element analysis technology are made full use of in combination of international advanced tower crane technology and the demand of domestic building market.  

This machine is the crane with vertical arm support, trolley travel and up rotary hydraulic jack up system. Its maximum effective amplitude is 50m and it is the only domestic tower crane type to reach this amplitude. Its maximum lifting moment is 630kN·m. When used alone, its lifting height is 40 m and attaching lifting height 150 m (α=2).

Each speed index of this machine has reached or exceeded national standard.

The weight of this machine (not including counterweight and attached devices) is 31.15 ton, and the overall installed capacity is 34.7kW. With advanced parameters, reliable performance, handsome appearance, excellent quality, simple and practical structure, advanced security devices, convenient service, safety usage and reasonable price, this machine is an ideal type of construction machinery for small and medium size construction enterprises.

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