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Mingwei's QTZ315(TC7040) tower crane exporting to Indonesia

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On Mar., 24th, 2018, 1 set QTZ315(TC7040) tower crane is packing to deliver to Indonesia.

It’s first time for Mingwei to export big tower crane TC7040-16t to Indonesia. Before most series of tower cranes are from 4t-10t.

QTZ315 tower crane is take full advantage of group technology, modular design techniques and finite element analysis technology, "tower crane computer design platform" as a tool designed for the latest model of Hoisting and Conveying Machinery.

The machine is horizontal jib, trolley, slewing crane hydraulic jacking, maximum load is 16t.


1. Performance parameters and technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, maximum working range is 70 m, an increase of tower crane working space.

2. The machine appearance is the international popular form, the beauty is generous.

3. Wide work range, wide use range. With base fixed and wall attachment two working modes, for a variety of different construction objects; freestanding height is 48 meters, in 2 falls attachment max.height is 183 meters, 4 falls is 93 meters.

4. High working speed, good speed control performance, smooth operation and high efficiency.

Hoisting mechanism using frequency motor, to achieve heavy load low speed,light load high speed,maximum speed up to 63m / min.

Trolley mechanism torque motor Adopts torque motor drawing the car in a horizontal amplitude on the arm,It has good performance in place.

Slewing mechanism using torque motor, high load capacity, smooth start, reliable operation, with the wind in place function.

5. Using rigid double rod suspension crane boom,good rigidity, light weight, small cross section, small wind resistance, stressed uniformly, beautiful appearance.

6. Various safety devices, can ensure the safe and reliable.

7. The cab independent offside, good vision, good operators to create a good working environment.

8. Operation good and easy maintenance.

When the machine installed to freestanding height and maximum working range,the weight(excluding counterweight, foundation and attachment device) 76.7t, the total installed capacity of 180KW, widely used in high-rise hotels, industrial buildings and other large construction projects, is ideal for the majority of construction companies the construction machinery.

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