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Hammered Tower Crane TC6024-10

1. General introduction
QTZ160 tower crane is one new type of tower crane that apply group technology, combine design technology and FE analysis technology, using tower crane micro-computer design platform as tools to design tower cranes.
QTZ160 is horizontal support arm, trolley, top slewing, hydraulic climbing tower crane. Its max. Load is 10t, rated load moment is 1600kN·m, max. Load moment is 1842kN·m.
1). Advanced performance and technical parameters, max. work radius is 60m, increasing the work space of tower crane.
2). Outer shape of whole tower crane is international popular shapes with good looking.
3). More work types, wide range of application. Two ways of work: stationary and attached, suitable in different construction sites. Free standing height is 50m, attached height is 180m (2 falls), 90m(4 falls).

Hammered Tower Crane TC6024-10

Tables for technical parameters

fig 1  technical performance

 Item Unit 2 falls 4 falls
Rated lifting torque  kN.m 1600
Max. lifting capacity t 5 10
Working range m 3~60
Lifting capacity at Max. range t 2.461 2.439
Range at Max. lifting load m 33.8 18.4
Lifting height Independent m 50
Adhered 180 90
Lifting speed m/min 104/50.05 52.05/25.02
Slewing speed  r/min 0.61
Trolleying speed m/min 58.6/29.3/8.79
Jacking speed 0.4
min. speed of steadily declining   ≤5
height Foundation frame m
Height of the overall machine (independent) 60.44
Tip of jib to the slewing center  61.384
Tip of balanced jib to the slewing center 15.22
Overall weight Structure weight t 60.463
Counterweight Max. radius =60m 23
Max. radius =56m 21
Max. radius =50m 17.8
Total capacity of motors KW 78.5
Allowable work temperature -20~+40
Basic wind pressure in service Pa 250
Basic wind pressure out service Pa 1100
Power supply 50Hz ~380V±10%

table of mechanisms
 fig 2 table of mechanisms

Mechanical load factor Hoisting mechanism  M5
Slewing mechanism M4
Trolleying mechanism M4
 Hoising mechanism
Motor Type YZRDW280M-4/8-55/55
(kW) power 55/55
Height  limiter   Type FKDX-G
Wire steel rope Specification 6X37-16-1770-Ⅰ
(N) maximum tractive force 25000
Magnification  a=2 a=4
(m/min) hoisting speed 104 50.05 52.05 25.02
(t) rated load  2 4 5 10
Min.speed of steadily declining   m/min ≤5
Slewing mechanism Motor  Type YZR160M1-6
(kW) power 5.5×2
(r/min) speed 908
Reducer Type XX4-120AI
Transmission ratio  195
Hydraulic coupler  Type YOX280A
Slewing pinion gears No. of modulus 12
No. of teeth  19
Modification coefficient  +0.5
Slewing speed r/min 0.61
Slewing bearing Single row four points contact ball type slewing bearing Type 011·50·1600
No. of modulus 12
No. of teeth  151
Hydraulic jacking mechanism Motor Type Y132M-4-B5
(kW)power 7.5
Rated work pressure of cylinder  MPa 30
Cylinder stroke  mm 1600
Locating distance mm 2150
Dia. of cylinder  mm φ180
Dia. of cylinder piston rod mm φ120
Jacking speed m/min 0.4
Trolleying mechanism Motor Type YZTDE180M-4/8/24
(kW) power 5/3.7/1.1
Wire steel rope Specification 6X19-9.3-1550-
Reducer Type XX3-14.40
Transmission ratio 39.7
Trolleying speed  m/min 58.6/29.3/8.79

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