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Hammered Tower Crane TC5516-8

QTZ100 tower crane is a kind of horizontal arm support, trolleying, top slewing and jacking climbing tower crane. All the performance parameters and technical index achieve or surpasses the national standard.

Max. load: 8t
Jib length: 55m
Tip load: 1.6t
Free standing height: 50m

Topkit Tower Crane TC5516-8

  1.  Performance parameters 

 item   performance  parameters 
1 Max. load(t) 8t
2 Jib length(m) 55m
3 Tip load(t) 1.6t
4 Free standing height(m) 50m
5 Max. height (m) 151m
6 Mast section (m) 1.835*1.835*2.5m
7 Material of mast section(mm) 135*12 square tube

2. Main parameters

Rated load moment kN.m 800
Max. load t 8
Radius m 3~55
Hoisting height Independent 50
Attached 151
Hoisting speed 2 falls m/min 80.4/41.0
4 falls 39.4/20.1
Slewing speed r/min 0.62
Trolleying speed m/min 43.3/21.9
Climbing speed 0.4
Min. descending speed ≤7
Outer size of the whole crane Chasis m 8×8
Height of crane Independent 55.892
Attached 160.892
From jib end to slewing center 54.17
From balance arm to slewing center  13.39
Weight of crane Weight of structure Independent t 46
Attached 86
Balanced weight 17.66
Total motor capacity kW 41.52
Allowable operating temperature -26~+40
Power parameter 50Hz ~380V±10%

3. Technical parameter

Loading rate of machine Hoisting mechanism M5
Slewing mechanism M4
Trolleying mechanism M4
Hoisting mechanism Motor Model YZRDW225-4/8/
Power(kW) 30/30
Height limiter Type FKDX-G
Steel wire rope Type and specification 6W19-12.5-1770-I
Max. pulling force(N) 15000
Maginification a=2 a=4
Hoisting speed(m/min) 80.4 41.0 39.4 20.1
Rated load(t) 1.3 4 2.6 8
Min. descending speed m/min ≤7
Slewing mechanism Motor Model YZR132M2-6
Power(kW) 3.7×2
Rotating speed(r/min) 908
Reducer Type XX4-100.180
ratio 180
Hydraulic couplers Type YOX280A
Slewing pinions Module     m 12
Teeth     z 15
Modification coefficient +0.5
Slewing speed r/min 0.62
Slewing ring ball like slewing ring of four point in a ling  Type  011·45·1400
Module   m 12
Teeth     z 131
Hydraulic jacking mechanism Motor Model  Y132M-4B5
Power(kW) 5.5
Rated working pressure of oil pump Mpa 25
Max. jacking force t 50
Stroke of oil pump mm 1600
Installation distance mm 2070
Diameter of oil pump mm φ160
Diameter of piston rod mm φ110
Jacking speed m/min 0.4
Trolleying mechanism Motor  Model  YDEJ132S-4/8
Power (kW) 4.5/3
Steel wire rope specification 6×19-7.7-1550-
Reducer  Type  BL22-43-3.3
ratio 43
Trolleying speed m/min 43.3/21.9

1.  Performance parameters

Item  Performance Parameters 
1 Max. load 8t
2 Jib length 56m
3 Tip load 1.3t
4 Free standing height 46.2m
5 Max. height 151m
6 Size of mast section 1.6×1.6 ×2.5m
7 Material of mast section square steel tube 135x12
2 .  Table for technical performances

Rated lifting torque   kN.m 800
Max. lifting capacity t 8
Working range m 356
Lifting Height Independent 46.2
Adhered 151.2
Lifting speed Double magnification m/min 80.4/41.0
Quadruple magnification 39.4/20.1
Slewing speed r/min 0.62
Trolleying speed m/min 43.3/21.9
Climbing speed 0.4
Min. stable descending speed ≤7
Outer size of whole crane Foundation frame m 8×8
Overall height Independent 55.892
Adhered 160.892
Tip of jib to the slewing center 54.17
Tip of balanced jib to slewing center 13.39
Total weight Structure weight Independent t 46
Adhered 86
counterweight 17.66
Total motor capacity kW 41.52
Allowed operating temperature -26+40
Power supply parameters 60Hz 440V±10%
                                      Table3   Table of tech data
3.  Main tech data
Mechanical load factor Hoisting mechanism M5
Slewing mechanism M4
Trolleying mechanism M4
Hoisting mechanism motor Model YZRDW225-4/8/
Power(kw) 30/30
Height limiter Model FKDX-G
Steel wire rope Model 6W19-12.5-1770-I
Max. pulling force (N) 15000
Magnification a=2 a=4
Lifting Speed (m/min) 80.4 41.0 39.4 20.1
Rated lifting capacity(t) 1.3 4 2.6 8
Min. stable descending speed m/min ≤7
Slewing mechanism Motor Model YZR132M2-6
Power (kW) 3.7×2
Speed (r/min) 908
Reducer Model XX4-100.180
Transmission ratio 180
Hydraulic couplings Model YOX280A
Slewing pinions modulus     m 12
teeth    z 15
Modification coefficient +0.5
Slewing speed r/min 0.62
Slewing bearings Straight 4-point contact ball type bearings Model 011·45·1400
modulus    m 12
teeth    z 131
Hydraulic jacking mechanism Motor Model Y132M-4B5
PowerkW 5.5
Operating press of hydraulic oil tank Mpa 25
Max. lifting force t 50
Cylinder stroke mm 1600
Mounting space mm 2070
Diameter of oil tank mm φ160
Diameter of cylinder piston rod mm φ110
Climbing speed m/min 0.4
Trolleying mechanism Motor Model YDEJ132S-4/8
Power (kw) 4.5/3
Steel wire rope Specification 6×19-7.7-1550-
reducer Model BL22-43-3.3
Transmission ratio 43
Speed m/min 43.3/21.9

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