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Automatic leveling device system

Building hoist is a kind of essential vertical transportation machinery on construction sites, but the level of automaticon control is very poor. Generally, there’s no leveling device, only depend on operators’ eye survey or estimation to leveling; also there’re no call system or display functions, only by gesture or shouting to contact hoist operator. The running of hoist is passive, lack of efficiency and safety.
The leveling device system can detect calling signals of every floor automatically by using callling devices on the each floor, judge the up and down conditions of calling signals to make cages stop precisely. When allow cages to stop at the referred floors, system will issue an decelerating order automatically while cages near to referred floors to make cages stop at the specified floor.
 Automatic leveling device system
Note: Building hoist, material hoist, in the paper refer as building hoist   
1. Introduction:

Building hoist is a kind of essential vertical transportation machinery on construction sites, but the
 level of automaticon control is very poor. Generally, there’s no leveling device, only depend on
 operators’ eye survey or estimation to leveling; also there’re no call system or display functions,
only by gesture or shouting to contact hoist operator. The running of hoist is passive, lack of efficiency
 and safety.
The leveling device system can detect calling signals of every floor automatically by using callling 
devices on the each floor, judge the up and down conditions of calling signals to make cages stop 
precisely. When allow cages to stop at the referred floors, system will issue an decelerating order 
automatically while cages near to referred floors to make cages stop at the specified floor.
2. Principle and features of automatic leveling device system:

Building hoist is gear and rack drive, gear counting device provides a set of pulses that is in 
proportion to height of building for micro computer mainboard and can count location of cages 
precisely by calculating pulses to leveling. Its error is 1.5cm.
The initial use of the new device, customers need to make the hoist stop objective floor leveling 
location manually, correspond diplaying pulses, press the save button to store the height of each
 floor into the micro computer control system, then begin to operate, two steps in brief: 
(1)Input floor numbers. 
(2) Press strat key. Computer will calculate objective floors and distance according to 
present location, and execute corresponding transportation movement, then finish leveling.
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