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Anti-collision and zone protection system

1.The system can provide real-time supervision and
monitoring for up to 20 tower cranes in one single site,
as well as saving records for tracking and checking.
2.It continuously calculates the relative locations of
jib-arms and trolleys of the tower crane within the
network that might interfere with each other. Upon
detecting that there are possibilities of tower cranes
interfering or even colliding with anther one or the tower
crane hook(or jib)overstepping into the no-go “sensitive”
(protected)zones, such as streets, highways,schools,
public areas, and power lines etc., the system will give
pre-alarm first until the operating system of the tower
crane works, stopping the operation, thus keeping the
possibilities of accidents from happening due to
negligence or misjudgment by the operator and
guaranteeing safe operation of the tower crane
 Anti-collision and zone protection system

Description Specification
Anti-collision and zone protection 
Monitoring software and radio 
System introduction 

1. The system can provide realtime supervision and monitoring for up to 20 tower cranes in one 
single site, as well as saving records for tracking and checking.

2. It continuously calculates the relative locations of jib arms and trolleys of the tower crane within
 the network that might interfere with each other. Upon detecting that there are possibilities of tower 
cranes interfering or even colliding with anther one or the tower crane hook(or jib)overstepping into
 the nogo “sensitive”(protected)zones, such as streets, highways, schools, public areas, and power 
lines etc., the system will give pre alarm first until the operating system of the tower crane works, 
stopping the operation, thus keeping the possibilities of accidents from happening due to negligence
 or misjudgment by the operator and guaranteeing safe operation of the tower crane

3.  XY coordinate system (covering the site) on site. Coordinate axis Y 
relative to North Pole 
azimuth angle of the earth, the distributing series numbers of the tower cranes on site, 
corresponding single system series numbers, each tower crane XY coordinate values, height,
 max/min hook range, counter-jib length, anti-collision data etc.
When the system is in normal running, if one of the tower cranes needs to rise, 
the system can manage the height amendment and pass wirelessly.
Another tower crane can be added to this working network, or taken off one working tower crane from this network.
System Feature

The characteristics of SYS/6000E anti-collision system
◆ Input the data of controlled tower cranes and site into the monitoring PC, wireless passing.
◆ The colorized LCD indicator on each tower crane showing the tower crane position and working state (the jib position、the trolley state and the restricted zones and sensitive areas)by dynamic picture.
◆ If one tower crane need mending by stopping work, it is easy to take out it from the PC, or deal with the zone data input as obstacle.
◆ This system is completely controlled by computer, precision and reliability for increased safety. Easy to install or run it.
◆ The single system keeps 
permanent anti-collision records for checking 
Adopt it to different tower cranes by changing the single anti-collision parameters.

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